3 Easy Steps To Clean External Render

So, you are about to begin rendering your wall, but firstly you need to give it a good clean. What is the best way to clean your external rendering, without breaking out into a sweat?

Here are three top tips to tip top external rendering – done right!


This is only the loosest advice we can give in such general terms. A lot depends on what is already on the surface of the wall that is about to be rendered, which could make it different.

plastering-westmeadowsTo play it safe, use something low pressure that won’t damage the surfacing of the wall as it already stands. Obviously, we don’t want to make the surface more uneven than it already is or start to get things flaking off.

Yes, we know some companies employed to clean the external areas of buildings do use power washers, but we prefer to err on the side of caution here.

Investigate steam cleaners or other types of low pressure washing. It doesn’t have to be automated; you could simply go old school with a sponge and water.


Algae is not the only thing that could affect your exterior wall, but it is one of the most usual suspects. Moss and other things should also be cleared off easily enough with the algae treatment of your choice. The thing is to use something.

Products like household bleach can be used to clean a wall with stubborn staining as can sugar soap.

If you do not have the help of any fancy pants hose or cleaner, don’t fret, results can still be achieved with good old fashioned elbow grease and the application of tender loving care.


It is important to think ahead before beginning your rendering job – and that includes during the cleaning phase. What is the weather forecast for the next couple of days? We all know that the British weather is unpredictable, and it would not be exactly unheard of for the weather forecast to get it wrong, so a bit of prep can go a long way.

It is not just rain that could be a problem, but also snow, hail, and wind blowing dirt all over your wall.

We recommend putting up a tarpaulin or polythene sheeting up, so you can cover up the wall as best as you possibly can do before starting your clean.

Happy hosing!

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